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Treats Psoriasis


Psoriasis patients with breakouts that cover less than 25% of their skin’s surface.

Psoriasis patients with new breakouts that have just appeared.


Psoriasis requires constant monitoring, leading a certain lifestyle. The disease often recurs, and only proper timely care will help a person prevent the spread of the rash and get rid of the existing one.

The formula prepared is based on long-term research of herbs and plants for the healing of skin disease. We discovered some that are very effective in the healing of the skin diseases which cause uncontrollable cell division. One of the solutions found, Rosmarinyl Glucoside is a scientific breakthrough, which makes the use of rosmarinic acid in the formulation, available to all. Rosmarinic acid is the most well-known polyphenol for skincare, and now for the first time, a biotechnological process allowing the vectorization of rosmarinic acid by glycosylation, makes it bioavailable, water-soluble, and stable in the formulation. It shows both excellent soothing and anti-aging properties. This plant is known as a natural preservative that slows the cell division process. While testing ingredients chosen for the healing of skin disease this revolutionary discovery was made.​

Silybum marianum extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Any kind of oxidative stress or stress caused by environmental free radicals may create an imbalance in the skin’s structure and functions.

​There are more active ingredients in the component that are highly effective in removing skin flaking and healing the skin surface.

PsoFree has been clinically tested and is safe for sensitive skin.

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