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Treats Eczema

Who needs it?

Eczema patients with breakouts that cover less than 25% of their skin’s surface.

Eczema patients with new breakouts that have just appeared.

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Eczefree contains a unique balanced complex of active ingredients with high biological activity and the ability to resist this atopic skin disorder. It moisturizes, while at the same time, dries painful rashes, soothes, and maintains the skins healthy state

. Dimethyl sulfone is a natural organic sulfur compound present in the tissues of all living organisms. Enough sulfur maintains the skin in a satisfactory condition, participates in the biosynthesis of collagen, in increasing the permeability of cell membranes, which contributes to better absorption of moisture, and regulates the processes of growth, restoration, healing and regeneration of cells and tissues. Oxygen’s anti-inflammatory qualities, anti-bacterial qualities, and its ability to speed up cell turnover aid immensely in the regenerative process.  The oxygen in Eczema is OX66, which is the only oxygen molecule in existence.

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