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The solution for discolored skin!

Illuminating White is a new, innovative formula for reducing skin spots. It contains SAFE ingredients and delivers the fastest and most efficient results. The Illuminating White formula has been tested successfully on all skin colors and types.

Our hero product, Illuminating White was the first member of this collection. Dr. Konis spent five years developing this lightening treatment for hyperpigmentation on the face, decollate, arms and hands. In Europe, hydroquinone and retinal are both illegal, so his goal was to create a lightening spot treatment that would work in the same way as hydroquinone, but with none of the side effects.

Illuminating White is a spot treatment that works on every fitzpatrick and has no contraindications with the sun! It will not cause more hyperpigmentation while you’re using it to get rid of the pigmentation you currently have. The ingredients are safe enough to use forever to keep the tyrosinase activity at bay. Illuminating White is very effective for the treatment of melasma, as well as any other type of hyperpigmentation including sunspots, age spots, scars, and freckles.

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We recommend using Illuminating White on clean skin, applying the serum directly to the dark spots. After it dries, apply sunscreen SPF 20 or higher for daytime, at night follow with moisturizers.

Keep in mind that tyrosinase production is halted by the treatment. Tyrosinase is a copper-colored enzyme that is responsible for the dark color. The dark spots will appear again in the same places because of the overactive production of melanin. We recommend continued use.

Use twice a day, after cleansing on dark spots. Apply a sunscreen of 20 SPF or higher. Once desired color is reached, treat once a day.

Illuminating White contains active ingredients that:

  1. Stop tyrosine activity by competitive and non-competitive processes.

  2. Prevent melanosomes formation in the melanocytes

  3. Prevent the release of melanosomes from the melanocytes

  4. Interfere with the uptake of the melanosomes into the epidermal cells. Melanosomes that do not enter the cell shortly after they are released are destroyed in the extracellular matrix.

  5. Actively reduce existing melanin by anti-oxidants, Resveratrol and others.   

Melasma Treatment
Lightening Spot Treatment
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