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Epilfree Products
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  • Epilfree is a revolutionary and natural permanent hair removal system that combines the simplicity of use with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations.


  • It is a professional product used in the spa after waxing, sugaring, threading, or tweezing.  Epilfree consists of two serums that work on the empty anagen follicle. A completely different modality than laser, IPL, or electrolysis. Since it works on an empty follicle, hair color doesn't matter, it's effective on every Fitzpatrick and over tattoos, with no damage or chance of pigmentation.

  • ​The EPILFREE solution is based on a unique, scientifically formulated combination of natural herbs (no chemicals) that work synergistically to create a mechanism that targets the new hair cell at the base of the empty anagen follicle and stops the duplication of cells. This action stops the energy to the mitochondria, and after 6 hours, the treated follicles will no longer work.  


  • This is a permanent treatment that can reduce the hair up to 85% Treatments need to be done on a regular schedule of either two-week intervals or three-week intervals as determined by your pro. The reduction happens over a period of time as the anagen phase hair cycles in.


  • The average amount of treatments is between eight and twelve for most people. Hormonal issues in women can be treated with great success, but more treatments may be necessary. 

Facial Care Kit

Lip - Chin - Brows - Sideburns


Permanently reduces hair without laser.
Softens & reduces coarse, whisker-type hair.
Works on all skin types and hair colors, as well as vellus facial hair.
No contraindications … No photosensitivi

Epilfree Facial Care Product
Skincare Treatment
Lip Hair Removal

Intimate Area Professional Hair Removal 

  • The Intimcare Kit is formulated especially for the intimate areas of the body. These areas are a different type of skin than other parts of the body. The Intimcare Kit permanently reduces unwanted hair without laser. The ingredients soften thick, coarse hair and reduce ingrown hairs. Intimcare works on all hair colors including blonde, red and gray hair. It is also effective on all skin colors with no chance of hyperpigmentation and no contraindications. What a great gift to your waxing clients, as well as patients who aren't candidates for laser!


Bikini - Brazilian - Underarms Abdomen - Anus.

The skin in the intimate areas is thicker than the face or body. The serum is designed to penetrate this thicker skin. It is also a more delicate formula than the face or body.

EpilFREE Products
Underarms Hair Removal
Hair Removal Treatment

Body Care Kit Professional Hair Removal

  • Epilfree's revolutionary new formula is an integral part of our holistic approach to eliminating body hair. It's made with natural ingredients that work together to stop the regrowth of unwanted hair permanently. This treatment will permanently reduce hair growth without the use of lasers! You can use it on any skin type or hair color - even blonde, red, or gray! And don't worry about being in the sun again - we recommend waiting 24 hours before going in the sun.

Treats large areas.

Back - Legs - Arms - Chest.

The​ serum is designed to be used over large areas of skin. The viscosity of the serums and ingredient levels are optimal for effectively treating the skin that covers most of the body.


EpilFREE Body Care Products
Body Care Treatment
  • Is Epilfree safe to use?
    No worries. The preparation received approval by the Health authorities of the European common market and the lotion is manufactured at an approved cosmetic plant. The serum does contain some active ingredients, so the manufacturer has decided NOT to authorize use on pregnant and breast-feeding women. This limitation has been decided by the company as a precaution only. Epilfree should not be used on irritated or damaged skin. If there is reddening, red spots or rash due to waxing, the treatments should be stopped until the redness has gone away. We recommend using a wax without rosin or rosinate. A wax that contains titanium dioxide will actually aid the Epilfree treatment.
  • Do I need training to use Eprilfree?
    Yes you must be certified to purchase Epilfree and you have to be a licensed professional. There are weekly certifications available online to make it easy to be trained to become an Epilfree provider.
  • What are the advantages of the Epilfree system compared with laser or Electrolysis?
    The Epilfree serums work on an empty follicle, which is completely different than laser or electrolysis. There is no device. The hair is waxed or sugared first and the serums are used afterwards according to the protocols. Because of this, the Epilfree System is suitable for all hair types and colors, including red, blonde, grey and downy hair, every Fitzpatrick and even over tattoos. The medical team of K.Y.P Cosmetic Technology claims prevention of hair regrowth for a long period of time with an efficacy of 85%. There is no risk of skin damage or hyperpigmentation, as Epilfree has no contraindications with the sun. Epilfree is a great addition to a laser or electrolysis practice. It will treat hair colors and skin types that laser is unable to treat and delivers results much faster than electrolysis. There is no specialized training, no medical director or device purchase necessary to offer Epilfree In order to purchase, we do ask that all professionals be certified by an Epilfree trainer.
  • How many treatments are necessary?
    Like laser hair removal, a series of 8-12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10-15% of the hair on your body at any one time in the anagen stage where Epilfree can be effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts. We tell our customers to count on twelve. In cases of hormonal issues, more visits with more frequently can be expected.
  • Does Epilfree work on everybody?
    Epilfree works on everyone and is safe enough for children who may have unwanted body or facial hair. It can be used on all parts of the body. The treatments are safe and there is no danger of skin pigmentation or burns. The results of treatment with the serums is higher than that of treatment by other methods.
  • How do I register for Epilfree Certification?
    Register here ->
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