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Treats Psoriasis

Who needs it?

Psoriasis patients with breakouts that cover less than 25% of their skin’s surface.

Psoriasis patients with new breakouts that have just appeared.


Psoriasis requires constant monitoring, leading a certain lifestyle. The disease often recurs, and only proper timely care will help a person prevent the spread of the rash and get rid of the existing one.


PsoFree is a topical remedy for psoriasis that is easily applied by rolling the liquid over the affected areas. The color of Psofree is light orange in color, which makes it easy to see where it has been used. Psoriasis has no cure, but specific lifestyle changes can control it. Unfortunately, the disease often recurs, and only proper, timely care will help a person prevent the spread of the rash and get rid of the existing one. Diet changes are recommended as well as methods for stress management. For some people, the symptoms may seem to get worse before they get better.


How does PsoFree work

The formula prepared is based on long-term research of herbs and plants to heal skin disease. We discovered some very effective herbs in the recovery of skin diseases that cause uncontrollable cell division. The formulation slows and stops the division of the affected cells so the body and begin to heal.

Silybum marianum extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It works alongside other powerful ingredients that are highly effective in removing skin flaking and healing the skin surface. Vitamin D, Niacinamide, turmeric, castor oil, milk thistle, and others work together to treat inflammation, infection, and bacteria. PsoFree's ingredients add moisture and aid the skin in retaining moisture. In addition, speeding the turnover of new cells helps rid the body of dry, flaky skin.   

PsoFree has been clinically tested and is safe for sensitive skin and children.

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