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Permanently Reduce Unwanted Hair Without Laser!

It’s a tale as old as time. Many women and a few men have been on the search for a way to reduce their unwanted body hair. No matter if it’s embarrassing facial hair on women or a hairy back on man. Some women are just sick and tired of shaving their legs and underarm day in and day out

The solutions have been pretty standard for the past few years, shave, wax or laser. Laser has truly been the only permanent alternative. But it has some serious limitations and is simply not an option for some men and women.

But now there’s a solution for LITERALLY – EVERYONE. YES – EVERYONE! A hair removal alternative to laser or can be used along with laser. Any skin tone or hair color, including blonde, gray, red and even fine vellus hair

A unique, natural and patented European permanent hair reduction system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and costs. Like a lot of other cutting edge technology Epilfree was an accidental find by research scientist Dr. Yoel Konisth, he discovered that hair growth was inhibited on the test subjects who used the serum that he was developing.

5 Reasons To Choose Epilfree

1. No chance of Hyperpigmentation

Epilfree is a gentle serum that is applied after waxing that works to kill the hair follicle. There is no chance of burning the skin that would result in a hyperpigmented scar.

2. Laser Limits Client Outdoor Activity

Because lasers focus on the melanin in the hair to kill the follicle the skin cannot be tan or it will burn the skin. This will not allow patients who are able to have laser hair removal to have any sun exposure – so lasers limit the free and active lifestyle of the customer. Epilfree is a gentle and safe serum that is applied after a waxing service; these can be done regardless of your customer’s level of sun exposure.

3. Safe For All Ethnicities

Again, lasers focus on the melanin in the hair to kill the follicle. If the skin has elevated melanin levels such as those in Fitzpatrick 4 – 5 – 6, lasers will burn the skin.

4. Works On All Hair Color

Lasers can only kill the hair follicle if there is enough melanin in the hair to absorb heat from laser. If the clients’ hair is too blonde or grey, the laser is not effective.

5. Lower Treatment Costs

While lasers can cost well over a hundred thousand dollars, a single order of Epilfree Body Care is $549 and performs approx. 45 treatments.

The ingredients in Epilfree’s effective treatments are 82% natural, mostly herbs and 18% safe synthetics. There is no single powerful ingredient that renders the hair follicle useless, but it is the exact combination of the natural ingredients that kills the hair follicle. Epilfree has been tested at Cosmopar in France, and has been found to be hypoallergenic

6 -12 treatments are recommended and should be performed approximately every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal results. The amount of treatments varies between people and will vary between areas of the body on each person, anticipate an average of 8 treatments in total. If a client has a serious hormone issue, the face could take even more treatments. Reduction is seen very quickly for most people, even after the 1st treatment, definitely after the 2nd.

In 2017 it's easy for you to jump in to the permanent hair removal business without purchasing expensive equipment, extensive training or any liability! If you're already offering laser, you don't have to turn people away who aren't candidates for the procedure. Epilfree works on absolutely everyone! For more information call us at 954-868-2515 or email us.

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