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Increase Sales by $6,000 from 10 Wax Clients

The goal of every spa and salon is to increase sales. Growing the business helps everyone make more money.

You can grow business in 2 ways:

1. Get More Clients

2. Get Current Clients To Buy More

Finding new hair salon and day spa clients can be hard, it’s both time consuming and expensive.

However, increasing sales from your existing clients who already know and trust you can be a much easier path to financial success.

You just need to find ways to introduce your current clients to new products and services that are a natural fit for their current needs.

One of the most underestimated revenue/profit areas of a salon or day spas is the waxing room. Often times it’s seen as a necessary evil. We’d like to blow your mind with some incredible profit potential.

Clients are coming to you to for hair removal. They come regularly for low priced waxing services. Many spas and salons see dozens if not hundreds of clients every single month for temporary hair removal in their waxing rooms.

The EpilFREE Difference

There’s a revolutionary new product on the market that can be combined with your waxing treatment to permanently reduce unwanted hair. This natural serum based system is changing the revenue and profit game of your salon/spa waxing room. It was developed by a leading scientist in Israel. It works to kill the hair follicle and reduce unwanted hair. It’s repeated for an average series of 8 treatments to ensure all follicles are treated while in the Anagen growth phase.

Earn More From The EpilFREE Difference Per Service

Permanent hair reduction is a huge business in the U.S. and you can leverage that for your salon/spa.

Charge more for waxing services - add The EpilFREE Difference

The list below is the amount that you can add onto your existing waxing prices when you offer the natural serum based EpilFREE Difference in your waxing services.

Single Service

  • Lip Add $20

  • Brow Add $25

  • Underarm Add $35

  • Bikini Add $50

  • Full Leg Add $110

  • Back Wax Add $100

Revenue From A Series of 8 EpilFREE Treatments

The EpilFREE Difference in a waxing service requires an average of 8 treatments to be full effective. Getting clients to commit to the full 8 treatments can be very lucrative for your salon/spa.

Series Of 8 Services

  • Lip Wax $160

  • Brow Wax $200

  • Underarm Wax $280

  • Bikini Wax $400

  • Full Leg Wax $880

  • Back Wax $800

10 Waxing Clients Can Bring You An Extra $6000

If you have a strong waxing business that is built on trust and great service – you will be able to count 5 of your best bikini wax and back wax customers in under 1 minute. We call those clients your prime users. You can easily earn an additional $6,000 by introducing The EpilFREE difference to these clients.

  • 5 Bikini Wax = $2,000

  • 5 Back Wax = $4,000

  • TOTAL = $6,000

If you’d like to begin earning extra spa/salon revenue from your waxing room by adding The EpilFREE Difference to your existing waxing services, we can help.

There are 3 easy to use kits:

  • Face

  • IntimCare

  • Body

We can help you get started with product ordering. We also have an exceptional training program that is all video based so your team can learn how to add The EpilFREE Difference into your waxing services when it’s convenient for them to view the videos. There’s no traveling or closing off of a treatment room. If you’d like more information you can call us at (954) 868-2515 or email us.

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