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Innovative Treatment Products For Hyperpigmentation

Ever get frustrated when trying to treat hyperpigmentation in clients? Want to learn more?

Do you have clients who have stubborn dark spots and need a revolutionary new product?

Do you want an all natural brightener that actually works?

Want something safe for Fitzpatrick I - VI skin types?

Learn An Innovative New Treatment Product

There is an innovative new product series on the U.S market that will treat hyperpigmentation in an exciting new way! Discovered in Israel by Dr. Yoel Konis, a Cosmetic Scientist and Formulator. Made with natural brightening products and a few safe synthetics, this remarkable collection of brightening and anti-aging products will deliver unbelievable results.

The Illuminating Series Works Fast

Illuminating White and Illuminating Eye use ingredients found in nature. These products use powerful brighteners to achieve results quickly! Illuminating White shows results as quickly as 10 days with full brightening effects in 6 weeks. Illuminating Eye will show dramatic brightening in 5 weeks. These products work with the combination of two powerful brighteners.

Two Powerful Brighteners

Resorcinol derivatives have been developed over the past 10 years.

Producing three skin lighteners that are more effective than Hydroquinone at the same level of concentration and are safe to use.

Resveratrol has a heightened activity, especially when combined with Resorcinol derivatives. Resveratrol is a very important ingredient in lightening creams as it has several parallel actions. Poly-Resveratrol or Resveratrols of natural sources inhibits melanin production by delaying alpha- MSH hormone and by delaying TRP-2 protein.

Illuminating White