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Tales from the Tropics


It’s the time of year where everyone will be snapping photos of family and friends. The holiday parties, the family gatherings, and the girlfriend’s nights out. “Let’s take a selfie!”, “Oh wait, let’s get a pic for Instagram!” You want to make sure you look amazing!

It’s time to plump up - and no - not your waistline! Although, with all those cocktails and yummy treats, that may just happen. But no… when we say it's time to “plump up”, we’re referring to your skin. This year give your skin some of the most hydrating ingredients out there!


We’re also not saying that you need to get any of those fillers to help you plump up either. Sure, they’re great if you want them. But you can give your face a plump for the holidays, that won’t cost nearly as much and won’t have any down time.

2 Revolutionary Products

We have 2 revolutionary products that you can use every day to give your skin a boost of moisture and brightness.

Illuminating Young is a game changer! It has a fatty acid delivery system. That just means this product gets deep into your skin where the 3 types of Hyaluronic acid hydrate and plump your skin from inside! Your skin will see fine lines and wrinkles virtually disappear as our specialized forms of Hyaluronic Acid begin to add volume to your delicate facial skin.


Illuminating Eye will blow you away! Have bright eyes with no drooping or sagging lids in any of your holiday selfies. Kiss those crow’s feet goodbye in your holiday pics this year too. You’ll see a new found even tone and firm texture in every party photo this season!


Be the envy of all your family and friends. When your girlfriends ask what you’re doing differently, you can tell them about our amazing products that are changing your skin. Or you can just tell them you’re full of energy because you’re eating right and working out regularly.

No matter what your age, the Illuminating Young and Illuminating Eye products will give your skin a boost of antioxidant protection to brighten and firm while the proprietary forms of hyaluronic acid will give you plump skin that’s radiant for every holiday event!

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