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Tales from the Tropics

Introducing Illuminating Pink

New Product To Be Release Soon!

After two years of successful growth with the Illuminating series, we’re set to add a truly unique and innovative product.

On the heels of success of Illuminating White , Illuminating Young and Illuminating Eye, our product formulator, Yoel Konis, PhD, has created a specialized lightening product for intimate areas.

Illuminating Pink can help lighten delicate intimate areas beautifully. It’s An innovative formula for brightening the skin in intimate areas such as nipples, armpits, groin, and anus, designed for home treatment. Illuminating Pink provides the fastest and the most efficient results. The formula can be used successfully on all skin colors.

How Illuminating Pink Works

Illuminating Pink is more then just melanin inhibitor. The traditional brightening process is achieved by inhibiting tyrosine activity - thus preventing melanin formation. Illuminating Pink tackles the brightening problem from more than one angle.

1. Stop tyrosinase activity by competitive and noncompetitive procedures.

2. Prevents melanosomes formation in the melanocytes.

3. Prevents the release of the melanosomes from the melanocytes.

4. Interfere with the uptake of the melanosomes into the epidermal cell. Melanosomes that do not enter to cell shortly after they released are destroyed in the extracellular matrix.

5. Resveratrol reduces melanin.

Brown color reduction will be seen after 6-10 days and the full brightening capacity will achieved after about 6 weeks from starting treatment.

Illuminating Pink Recommended Use

Illuminating Pink is safe and gentle for use on the most delicate, intimate areas! Tested on Caucasian and Asian skin, but safe to use on all skin colors. Designed for effective brightening on delicate areas. Gently apply the Illuminating Pink using a cotton swab. For skin lightening over a greater area, apply the whitening cream with your hand and wash thoroughly.

Recommend Illuminating Pink

Discussing Illuminating Pink with your regular clients is simple and easy. So many estheticians work with clients on very intimate areas of the body by performing body treatments and waxing services. Clients trust you and you can easily create conversation with them about Illuminating Pink during these services. Often guests don’t even know there is dark skin until the hair is removed. Perfect opportunity to mention a lightner!!

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