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Tales from the Tropics

Earn $200 During EpilFREE’s Summer Challenge

There’s no better time than summer to showcase the amazing power of EpilFREE! The EpilFREE Summer Challenge is also the perfect opportunity to earn $200 while you show your customers how this all-natural, permanent hair reduction serum works.

The EpilFREE Summer Challenge runs through July 31, 2019!

Show your clients that EpilFREE knows no boundaries! Summer time is when laser hair removal is forbidden. EpilFREE is great year round. It’s perfect on all skin tones – even Fitzpatrick 4 – 5 – 6! Works on grey and blonde hair too! It is even safe over tattoos!

Be an EpiFREE Summer Challenge Spa or Salon

If you already carry EpilFREE you’re all set! If not, you simply purchase an EpilFREE Pro Pack for $999. When you begin offering EpilFREE we’ll list you as a provider on, so your spa is easily found by clients looking for locations.

Plan An EpilFREE Promo Day

E.F. Tropics is based in South Florida, we love a fun EpilFREE Promo Day and will be happy to join you if you’re close by. Otherwise, we’ll do a Skype call with you during the day!

Your EpilFREE Promo Day must include a minimum of 4 customers.

Our Suggestions!

  • Book clients every ½ hour

  • Perform the service for FREE, ½ price, or just charge for the waxing

  • Offer An EprilFree Package of 10. We suggest a 25% - 50% discount during the EpilFREE Promo Day

  • Give Yourself 2 Weeks To Plan and Book Appointments

  • Make It Festive

  • Decorate with Balloons

  • Post Banners – Print banners that we can send to you.

  • Offer Refreshments

  • Host A Raffles

  • Offer Gift Bags

Submit Content To Earn Your $200 Credit

We love content for social media. Take photos of the day

Take videos of the day. Post them to your Facebook page and Instagram. We’ll ask that you tag E.F Tropics! We’ll need to see all 4 clients (minimum amount) in photos. Call us to let us know you tagged us in your photos. We invite you to join Epilfree US Discussion on Facebook and post your promo day pics there as well.

After we verify that you’ve posted the minimum of 4 photos showing your 4 clients to your social media platform, we will issue you a $200 credit towards your next EpilFREE purchase!

What a fun way for your spa or salon to spend summer! The EpilFREE Summer Challenge will help you expand your customer base, grow your spa/salon sales and have some fun! We’re here to help and support you in any way! Just call use with any questions.

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