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The Perfect Companion Product Line

It can be so hard to find everything you need in one product line! Skincare is such a diverse business. If you’re treating clients with multiple skin issues, it can be hard to find a line of skincare products that offers amazing treatment options for your treatment room and then effective home care products for your retail shelves.

Helping Clients Age Beautifully

Two of the most discussed concerns when it comes to skin issues are skin tone and firmness. As men and women age, free radicals, pollution, poor diet, sun exposure and the natural aging process take its toll on skin. Skin’s production of oxygen, collagen and stem cells slows down with the aging process, so finding a line of products that helps replenish is vital.

Illuminating Series To The Rescue

From the famed internationally renowned product formulator Dr Yoel Konis, a PHD in cosmetic chemistry comes the Illuminating Series! It is the perfect companion line to any skincare brand that you carry! The Illuminating Series is five ground breaking products that are designed to brighten, firm and hydrate skin using natural ingredients.

This complete collection of daily use products works brilliantly with any skincare line that you’re carrying in your skincare business. It has no cleansers, toners, SPF, exfoliators or in treatment products. All you have to carry are five retail products that target very specific concerns!

Illuminating White

A spot treatment that for stubborn dark spots on the face, neck, chest, hands and arms. See results in as little as 1 week with regular use.

You can incorporate this into your favorite home care rituals. Simply apply the spot treatment before any serums or moisturizers.