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Treats Acne

Who needs it?

Eczema patients with breakouts that cover less than 25% of their skin’s surface.

Eczema patients with new breakouts that have just appeared.

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Eczefree contains a unique balanced complex of active ingredients with high biological activity and the ability to resist this atopic skin disorder. It moisturizes, while at the same time, dries painful rashes, soothes, and maintains the skins healthy state.

How does AcFree Work?

AcFree contains natural ingredients that slow down and stop the duplication of cells, including the sebaceous oil gland cells, bacteria, and infection, to clear acne. Acne cannot withstand oxygen which is the most important factor in healing it. Reactive oxygen species act as a nutrient, kill bacteria, and cleanse damaged tissues. The source of reactive oxygen in AcFree is OX66, which is the only solid form of oxygen in existence. When the OX66 molecule touches the skin, 100% oxygen is released from an aluminum hydroxide clathrate, which sloughs off the skin. The oxygen is absorbed into the skin by 123% within the first hour. This novel ingredient is a game-changer for acne treatment. AcFree has been clinically trialed and approved for use on sensitive skin.

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