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Their mission is to remove tattoos or physical branding on survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. By working with the areas best medical service providers, and using state of the art equipment we can facilitate a safe and effective treatment.

Restorative Ink provides FREE tattoo removal services to those who are rebuilding their lives due to human trafficking or domestic violence. We believe in the power of a fresh start and believe that everyone deserves a second chance.

  • An estimated 20-40 million people are considered victims of modern slavery aka trafficking.

  • Human trafficking is a $150 billion a year business globally.

  • Branding tattoos are used to show ownership and works as a phycological reminder of the victim’s subservience to their abuser/trafficker.

  • Branding tattoos can cause shame/trauma/depression.

  • Branding can be used as a weapon of domestic violence and is about showing control and ownership.

  • 1 in 3 women will experience domestic violence.

  • Nearly ½ of all women and men in the US will experience psychological aggression in their lifetime.

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