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Nedelka Sotelo


"Using these products has been a great experience, I started using it on March 10th, 2019 and the second picture was taken exactly 4 months after. 

I use it every night before going to bed, I clean my face and then apply the lotion. I really noticed a nice result after 2 and a half months and then the stains have gradually become lighter and lighter! I am so happy for using these products because having those stains started to affect my self-esteem as they look like a mustache and it made me feel very uncomfortable. But now I feel great and I also know that it will become better and better."

Melissa Askeland

Tequesta, FL


"Illuminating Eye is an absolute miracle worker. I have tried every expensive eye
cream on the market and have never seen results this noticeable in such a short
amount of time. The fine lines are erasing away and there is an overall increase in the plumpness of the crepe like skin just under. Highly recommend!"

Dee Martin

Orlando, FL


"I love illuminating white!!! Since I’ve been using, my brown spots have faded or gone away altogether. It also brightens my skin and fights signs of aging. I’ve tried many things but only illuminating white delivers!!! Everyone needs this in their life!"

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