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Don’t Let Body Hair Kill Your Confidence

There’s really no explaining it. The norms in our society for body hair have been established. There tend to be a few deviations that are acceptable, but most of the norms are set in stone.

These norms are set for both men and women. The norms for the United States tend to be different a little different than, Europe or South America. These norms are also set for both men and women. However, the norms seem to be a little stricter for women.

The iconic images of beautiful men and women are staged in such a way to exemplify the classic models of beauty. When we look closer at these standards and compare them to the reality of many men and women, we can see why the hair removal industry is so large.

Top 5 Most Embarrassing Locations Of Body Hair

1. Back Hair On Men

While chest hair and arm hair on a man can be seen as, viral, masculine and sexy. Often times men seem to be self conscious of hair on their back.

2. Lip Hair On Women

It can be perfectly normal for women to have somewhat darker hair on her upper lip. It’s a fact of life that many women have hair follicles on their upper lip that can produce darker hair. However, women, generally feel uncomfortable and look to remove it.

3. Ear Hair On Men

As men age, the hair follicles on their ears start to produce thick, course hair. Many men are not comfortable with this and look for solutions to eliminate it.

4. Chin Hair On Women

After menopause many women begin to experience hair growth on their chin. This can be a hard adjustment, so women look for solutions to help them deal with this new growth.

5. Belly Hair On Women

Some women have hair on their belly below their belly button leading down to the pubic area. Many women, do not like this and want to have it removed.

While it may not be something that everyone can agree upon, the stark reality is that most men and women with these types of face and body hair are not happy with it. Which creates an area of opportunity for any day spa or hair salon that performs waxing services. Waxing unwanted body hair is a great way to improve your service sales.

Another service that day spas and hair salons can offer is permanent hair reduction of this embarrassing body hair. For years the only option to permanently reduce body hair was electrolysis. Then we were introduced to lasers. Both of these options had their own set of limitations. However, now we have a 3rd alternative called EpiilFREE a natural serum based hair removal system that can be combined right into your waxing service.

It is a natural and scientific solution for unwanted hair that works with waxing, so it is suitable for everyone. Any skin tone or hair color, including blonde, gray, red and even fine vellus hair.

Epilfree like a lot of other cutting edge technology was an accidental find by research scientist Dr. Yoel Konis. In the process of developing new technology for skin issues Dr Konis discovered that hair growth was inhibited on the test subjects who used the serum. That was many years ago, and Epilfree was born. Since then it has been improved several times and we now enjoy the benefits of Third Generation Epilfree!

Learn more – watch our Introductory video HERE

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