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Tales from the Tropics

Help Clients Soar To New Heights In 2018

Don’t blink! If you do, it’ll be 2018 before you even realize it. As 2017 draws to a close, it seems that this time of year your spa clients will start to think about 2018. In just a few weeks there will be talk of New Year’s Resolutions.

We’re sure your clients will be making New Year’s Resolutions and when they do, they’ll be looking to find products and services to help them bring their New Year’s resolutions to life. They may want to get a sculpted body or just live an overall healthier life. We can help you to help your clients make 2018 an amazing year.

We are now offering Nutrient Body Sculpt! Micro nutrients and vitamins introduced through the skin to refresh, hydrate and sculpt! Your clients can get that slimmer figure with the latest non-invasive, non laser, no sweating, no freezing body sculpt! Look better and feel better!

With Nutrient Body Sculpt your clients can take 2018 to a new level.

It can bring about a more refreshed feeling which can help them to be a:

  • Better Parent

  • Better Team Member at Work

  • Better Student

  • Better Athlete

Nutrient Body Sculpt is full of micro-nutrients and vitamins that will leave your clients feeling:

  • More Refreshed

  • More Sculpted

  • More Hydrated

  • Enhance any fitness plan

  • Enhance any lifestyle

If your clients are looking to get more sculpted in 2018, you can recommend a series of Nutrient Body Sculpt treatments to enhance their workouts. If they want to feel more refreshed so they can live their best life in 2018, recommend Nutrient Body Sculpt. This treatment is micronutrient and mineral transdermal solution designed to hydrate the body as it tightens and tones. It accelerates health and cosmetic benefits.

Tell your clients that, “Nutrient Body Sculpt can be a path to a new you.”

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