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Face Acne Head-On: The AcFree Solution

By: Ali Bennett

Got acne? Welcome to the club. Many struggle with this skin disorder and the discomfort that comes with it. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, about 50 million Americans are affected by acne annually. Although such a common disease, people still find it extremely difficult to find a cure—trying everything from topical creams to medication. Most of those who suffer from acne are between the ages of 12-24 as it often comes with puberty. This can be increasingly insufferable since we are beginning to find ourselves during the young adult years. It’s hard to have the confidence to discover who we truly are behind pimples and irritated skin.

At E.F. Tropics, we pride ourselves on providing safe and effective ways to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Our company has created AcFree, a gentle, topical roll-on formula that clears acne and controls breakouts. We had our client, Eli, 17, try out this remedy and interviewed him below:

What is your name? Where are you from? What do you do for work? Hobbies?

Eli 17, Charlotte, NC. Student, soccer player

How long have you struggled with acne?

2 years.

How has acne impacted your skin?

It has made it more sensitive and oily.

How has acne impacted your life? School? Social? Hobbies? Confidence?

Makes me feel self-conscious in pictures and it's hard to take care of. Also, my mom has spent a lot of money on products that did not help.

Why did you want a new solution for acne? What has and has not worked for you?

I have been taking medication and using prescription cream and it has helped a little but it's sometimes hard to remember to take the medicine and when to use the cream. I have tried acne skin systems, creams, and astringents.

How did AcFree help your skin?

Has started to clear up some of the more stubborn and larger spots. It does not cause it to dry out and it's easy to use.

How long have you been using AcFree?

I started it 2 months ago. I saw results after only a couple of weeks and I am excited to keep seeing the effect it has on my skin.

Would you recommend AcFree to a friend struggling with acne and why?

Yes, it has helped clear up my skin, it's easy to use and it does not contain tons of chemicals that don't help anyway.

Acne seems to prey mostly on teens, but that doesn’t mean it won’t come back to haunt us later in life. It can be an everlasting battle of the skin. Acne is a blockage of pores and hair follicles by oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells. Without proper care, it can take over the face and produce blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and the like all over. Luckily, at age 17, Eli was able to face the problem head-on with AcFree (literally)!

AcFree works by targeting the problem cells and slowing the oil production. Inflammation and stress are also big factors of acne, which is why AcFree reduces inflammation, protects the skin from oxidative stress, and helps retain moisture. It contains salicylic acid to unclog the blocked pores. The main cause of acne is sebum production, which is the oil created to lubricate hair follicles and skin. AcFree has been formulated to reduce sebum so the skin can be cleared of dead skin and hair follicles trapped in the oil.

Feeling comfortable in one’s skin is a huge part of life. If you are struggling with acne and are frustrated by all the failed and misleading solutions, it’s time to try AcFree. Many, along with Eli, have found relief with this product and finally the freedom to live life with clear skin. We will no longer fear picture day!

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Rene Stufano
Rene Stufano
Feb 09, 2022

So happy for him.

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