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Tales from the Tropics

Got Psoriasis? bFREE with PsoFree

By: Ali Bennett

Chances are you or someone you know is living with Psoriasis. This autoimmune disease effects 80% of Americans and is a lifelong battle. Unlike other autoimmune issues that attack the body internally, Psoriasis is extra challenging as it shows up in the form of rashes on the skin. Many with this disease not only suffer from physical discomfort but also the emotional distress of having these blemishes on the skin.

Since we at E.F. Tropics specialize in skincare, we wanted to develop a product for Psoriasis. Our mission is to make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable in their skin and that includes those suffering with an autoimmune disease. This inspired us to create PsoFree: a healing serum that relieves and calms Psoriasis with no side effects. PsoFree has been tested and is dermatologist approved! Our clients are beyond excited to have a topical solution that removes skin flaking and heals the surface.

Why be uncomfortable if you don’t have to? Finally, there is a holistic way to manage itchy, sporadic patches. PsoFree works by preventing the undesirable cell division. It is the first ever product to use Rosmaric acid, which is the most common polyphenol. This means it is packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to heal the skin. It naturally fights off and reverses stress in the body which causes breakouts.

When clients stay consistent with PsoFree and apply it twice daily, they see amazing results. We’ve noticed a huge reduction in flaking and redness and overall discomfort. The serum gives that much-needed relief of calming the skin and managing breakouts. There’s so much more to life than trying to hide your Psoriasis—you are so much more than that! This disease does not define you.

We’ve had so many clients tell their stories about dealing with Psoriasis. It effects everyday life and their physical and mental state. Whether it’s not wanting to wear certain clothing because the rashes will show, or not wanting to go anywhere because there’s a risk of itching and burning, the disease has become debilitating. Having PsoFree brings comfort and hope to clients with Psoriasis, knowing there’s a natural solution that works. Although this disease cannot be cured, it can absolutely be managed with PsoFree. Not to mention, the ingredients have a bonus of anti-aging and immune-boosting properties.

For those with Psoriasis, breakouts are most commonly due to stress. Any type of stress can cause the body to flare up and have an outbreak. Everyone deals with stress differently, but if you have Psoriasis you need to make it a priority. A huge stressor is the Psoriasis itself; Trying to manage the outbreaks or worrying about when it will act up puts the body in stress mode. That’s why having a consistent product like PsoFree is so important. With a reliable product incorporated into your daily routine, you can relax and have one less thing to worry about.

The endless cycle of stressing about what we’re stressed about stops now. With a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise, mediation, and mindfulness, it is possible to free ourselves from the pressures and anxiety of everyday life. By adhering to these practices, clients have the best chance of maximizing their results from PsoFree. As with any issue, the ability to take a step back, breathe, and trust that it’ll be ok is key. PsoFree gives you that peace of mind to know there is a way and you are not alone.


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