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Hair FREE in THREE – With EpilFREE!

It’s so revolutionary because it’s just so simple and easy to use! The EpilFREE permanent hair reduction system can turn a regular waxing treatment into a much more advanced service. It’s so easy that we can literally break it down into 3 steps!

Any day spa or hair salon that performs waxing services can now offer permanent hair reduction services to their clients. This amazing treatment is easy as 1, 2, 3 to add to your waxing service. Help clients permanently reduce unwanted hair with this amazing natural system that is applied during a waxing treatment.

The EpilFREE system is available for the Face, the Body, or Intimate areas. This all-natural serum based system should be performed every month for about 6 – 12 months depending on client-specific needs. The average is about 8 treatments. Clients love EpilFREE because it is more comfortable than laser. EpilFREE can treat all clients regardless of skin tone or hair color!

Hair FREE in 3 Phases!

PHASE 1. Wax

Perform your waxing treatment – which creates Phase 1 – exposing the hair follicle. The all-natural serums work to kill the hair at the root, which is exposed after a waxing service, where the hair is removed.

PHASE 2. Activator

Phase 2 is an application of the EpilFREE activator. After being patted on the skin and left to do its job for 3 minutes, this activator enlarges the hair follicle to 4 times its natural size, preparing it Phase 3.

PHASE 3. Serum This is the action phase. Apply the EpilFREE natural herbal serum, which will easily flow into the enlarged hair follicles and kill the hair at the root. The proprietary combination of natural herbs and a few safe synthetic ingredients work synergistically to kill the hair at the root source.

It is protocol to have your clients repeat treatments for 6 – 12 months so that you are able to hit all of the hairs in the designated area in when they are in the growth phase, which is required for the system to work effectively. You can watch our WEBINAR to learn more on how the system works.

For the month of July 2017, you can get the EpilFREE System for your spa or salon at a savings only from E.F. Tropics.

We are offering the following for our permanent hair reduction system.

Facial Care $99, regularly $149

IntimCare - $149, regularly $199

Body Care - $349, regularly $399

$600 for All 3, save $149!

BONUS of FREE EpiClear

VALUE $849 – SAVE $249

It’s an easy system to incorporate into your waxing services – you can watch our short instructional VIDEO, to learn just how easy EpilFREE is to use. Turn your waxing services into permanent hair reduction services with this low initial investment! A great way to create excitement, help your customers, keep your overhead low, keep your clients coming back to the spa on a regular basis and keep your profit margins high. People love to talk about new things they are doing. Each new Epilfree client will tell at least 5 of their friends, who'll tell five of theirs, etc.! You can see where this is going!! We call that a win - win - win!!

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