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A 3 Step Home Care Kit To Boost Peel Results

The first full day of Fall will be on September 24th. That may or may not mean much to many, however, in the professional skin care business. It means that many estheticians will start offering clients chemical peels.

One of the hottest treatments in many day spas, medical spas and doctor’s offices are chemical peels. We love them! They have so many benefits to the skin. The hottest chemical peel services right now are for hyperpigmentation and fine lines/wrinkles.

Treating dark spots on skin is a big business. Spas charge over a hundred dollars per peel and clients get between 3-6 peels in a series to ensure that they are getting rid of their dark spots.

Another huge focus for chemical peels is to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Helping clients improve the firmness and texture of their skin is another goal of many estheticians. Helping clients to age beautifully is easy with the right chemical peels.

But as every esthetician knows - home care is vital to supporting the treatments that are done in the spa.

Clients must use products at home every day to enhance the impact of the chemical peel.

Treating hyperpigmentation and fine lines with a combination of acids in chemical peels is only the first step. Clients need to use products every day that have ingredients that help to fade dark spots, hydrate, firm and plump the skin. Your clients will not see results by just peels alone. If they go home and use drug store products over professional treatments, they will ruin your work.

Create Post Peel Home Care Kits

It’s rare that clients know how to take care of their skin. They depend on you for guidance. Holding your clients’ hand with post peel home care is crucial to their satisfaction. They are going to experience many drastic changes in their skin. Helping them understand what is going to happen and how they can use products to make it feel and look better is an amazing thing to do to help your client.

You can create a little home care kit of products to sell to your client after their peel. Give them instructions on what product to use and when to use it. This will help increase your retail sales and help improve the efficacy of your peels.

3 Step Home Kit Every Peel Client Must Use

Illuminating White is a new, innovative formula for

reducing dark spots. It contains SAFE ingredients and delivers the fastest and most efficient results. The Illuminating White formula has been tested successfully on all skin colors and types.

5 in 1 eye treatment. This new, safe, innovative formula contains some of the fastest and most efficient skin lightening, lifting and firming ingredients available

Brand new on the U.S. Market! This ultra-rich and intensely firming cream has been formulated with potent antioxidants and multiple peptides from all natural sources. These highly effective ingredients work synergistically to jump start the skin and help it to function at optimal levels to increase firmness, and even out skin tone.

Recommending products with all-natural brightening, plumping, hydrating and firming ingredients for everyday use will help your client see exceptional results on their skin and they will attribute that to your skills. This will increase their satisfaction and you can bet big money that they will recommend you to their friends.

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