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Tales from the Tropics

Getting Bare with Farheem

Getting Bare with Farheem

By: Ali Bennett

Today, I sat down with my good friend Farheem who is Bengali. Curious about her journey with body and facial hair, I asked her what some of the biggest struggles have been and why a permanent hair removal solution would be good for her.

Farheem was very open explaining to me that she has a lot of thick hair and has been trying to manage it for years. She has heard that “the more you wax, the more the hair becomes less and less over time”. This has never been the case for her. Frustrated, she told me she has to get waxed every two weeks and still sees no changes.

With darker skin, Farheem has never been a good candidate for laser. People with fair or dark skin usually never are. She just continues to get a wax every couple of weeks since it’s the only temporary option for her. It’s time-consuming and painful and has become a never-ending, costly part of her routine.

Although waxing can give her a temporary fix for her body hair, it is no longer an option for her facial hair. She has tried waxing and threading on her face but says it is always way too painful and seems risky. After a treatment, she tends to leave the salon in pain and stressed knowing she’ll have to do it all again soon.

She also started bleaching her facial hair but that has made her nervous since the bleach contains harsh chemicals. Farheem was open to bleaching since it’s less painful, but she quickly noticed it started leaving dark spots on her cheeks she never had before. The chemicals slowly started messing with her pigmentation making bleaching one more option that just wouldn’t work.

After hearing about Farheem’s journey with body/facial hair I was able to suggest Epilfree. She was excited to hear about a solution that works on all skin types and all areas of the body. No more bleaching facial hair or facing the doom of getting waxes forever. This safe, permanent solution will be life-changing for her and she can’t wait to share it with other Bengali men and women in her community.


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