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Tales from the Tropics

My Epilfree Journey, by Ali:

My Epilfree Journey: As a woman, hair removal has always been a necessary part of my routine. Shaving is annoying and waxing is temporary. It’s frustrating having to manage body hair so frequently. Especially facial areas where it’s detrimental to use a razor. I’ve always had the most trouble managing the hair on my upper lip. I rarely wanted to waste time getting it waxed because it would just grow right back.

Stuck with my ‘stache, I continued getting waxes but would wait as long as possible; when I was completely desperate or had an event. That is until I discovered Epilfree! I was a little skeptical at first. I thought no way was there a solution that was pain-free, risk-free, permanent, and had no restrictions. I gave it a try. After four sessions my upper lip was completely desolate of hair or any signs of growth. To this day I’m in shock and can’t wait to try another area! Not to mention I’m a beach bum and you don’t have to avoid the sun to use Epilfree. It literally takes five minutes and you never have to think about the unwanted hair again. Can’t wait to keep you all posted on my Epilfree journey!


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